Incandescent rope light - red kit (w)

12 Volt – Standard – Red Incandescent Rope Light Kit – 1/2 In. – 30 feet

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30 ft Kits Incandescent Pack, Red color, 1/2″ Diameter, 120 Volt, 2 Wire connection, quick-connection design, 12 bulbs per foot.

This product is shipped with one power cord, one bag of mounting clips and one end cap. To insure the quality, items are tested before shipping.

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Product Description

This 12 volt red incandescent rope light kit is made with high grade durable, and waterproof PVC tubing. It uses 3 watts per foot, and has a extremely longevity of 35,000 hours. The rope light kit is a cost efficient way to illuminate varieties of interior and exterior environments. Most of all, each rope light kit is UL listed, however, by cutting the rope light the UL listing will no longer be applicable.

Voltage: 12 V
Number of Wire: 2 Wires
Diameter: 1/2 inch
Bulb Spacing: 1 inch
UL Listed: Yes (uncut)
Life Span: 35,000 hrs
Length: 30 ft
Shape: Round
Cutting Unit: N/A
Watts per Foot: 3.o watts
Dimmable: Yes
Linkable: Yes

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Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 7 in


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